you deserve better.

Our work may have been different, but I spent over 15 years misaligned in how I showed up to my life, and lost my intuition and drained my capacity as a result. I traveled close to 200 days a year,  traded one corporate grind for another, and stretched my internal resources. The hustle and grind eventually broke me, yet I found a way to heal and eventually step into my best self.

i've been right where you are.

My innovative approach of utilizing the power of your personality, as well as my expertise in leadership behavior and leadership development, allows us to crack through the obstacles holding you back and hit fast-forward on solutions that are designed just for you. Whether you want clarity around your personality, want to apply what you’ve learned to how you live and work, or want to walk your growth path with others, I have an offering that is right for you.

i want that for you too.

Most of us aren’t taught how to resource ourselves when we are feeling drained, burnt out, or defeated. It’s at these times when we realize just how much depends on us to be our best, yet being our best may end up leaving us feeling more stressed out and running on empty.


My Offerings

Whether you're looking for a one-hour virtual lunch ‘n learn, a full day in-person team building event, or a motivational keynote presentation, bring the power of personality to your team, group or event.


Teams and Groups

Individuals | $200
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Enneagram Typing Consultation

I offer the most accurate and holistic Enneagram assessment available to help you understand what is getting in the way of your best self, in both business and life.

Individuals | $800 per month
Groups | $2500 one-time fee


My innovative coaching program is for high-impact individuals who are ready to expand their influence, impact those around them, and experience radical, lasting growth. Start training to be your best self.



In-Person and Virtual
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It’s time to break-up with the habits that are draining your capacity, time, and resources, and start valuing your best self as the foundation of your life and work. 


I'm here to help you reclaim your best self.

and i can help.