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I'm Erin.

… an enneagram expert, leadership coach, and behaviorist who's spent more than 20 years in director positions and in support of leaders who are ready to up-level their businesses, teams, and ultimately their lives. 

And I am here to share my perspectives, expertise, and passion for creating a brave, kind, and just world. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Development, Master of Public Health and am finishing my PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with a focus on personality as a framework for coaching and development. People and the motivations behind our behaviors are my complete jam! I have also been studying and using the Enneagram for 12 years and am a Certified Enneagram Teacher and Trainer, as well as an Accredited Enneagram Professional from the International Enneagram Association. 

I have been studying and working in the field of behavior change for over 20 years. 

working as a Director-level professional for a global direct sales marketing company and a national health system, as well as a self-employed business strategist, change agent and development coach, I have been able to positively impact leaders and teams. With a focus on behavior change and social marketing, I integrate the Enneagram model as a framework for individual growth and motivation. Together, we create effective personalized business strategies, team level-setting and strategic understanding of behavior and productive communication approaches, all as a way to navigate our changing business infrastructures and positively impact company culture. 

And am a wife to an amazingly loyal and loving husband (hello Type Six) and a mom of two great little kiddos – one neurodivergent and one neurotypical, which keeps me on my toes in some really interesting ways! I am a recovering information-addict and am rediscovering the importance of listening to my own wild and natural instincts. I am actively dismantling my privilege, centering justice and liberation for marginalized communities, while working hard to create systems and structures that really are for all people, equitably.

These beliefs allow me to see the high side and low side of our behaviors as opportunities for grace, understanding, and growth. I am thrilled to have you here and am ready to teach you how to become an effective, impactful leader through my proven framework honed through 20 years of work with leaders like you, advanced training in behavior psychology, and the most cutting-edge personality hacks every leader needs to better motivate their teams, increase their energy and capacity, all while avoiding burnout. 

Throughout my career,

I identify as a Social Dominant Type 7

 I believe, deeply, in the worth and value of all people, and in all aspects of who we already are in this life.  

Accessing our wildest self and fullest potential by integrating all that we are, in all that we do. 

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