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I believe personal development is professional development, and professional development is personal development.

6 month minimum

Schedule a Discovery Call to determine if 1:1 coaching is the best step for you.

Working with me 1:1 is the most high-touch, personalized experience you can have at Living the Enneagram. 

Because of this belief, much of what we will tackle and solve together will benefit you as a whole person. While I have an effective framework for our time together, I will pivot how we approach this framework based on your own unique starting line.  

I ask for a 6-month commitment, because I want you to experience results - the kind of results that stick with you for a life-time. Many of my clients continue working with me well after the 6-month period is over. This isn’t because they need to, but because it feels great to have someone in your corner who sees you clearly and can help you problem-solve in real-time.

Just like joining a gym, it might feel like hard work at first - that’s where I come in.

I’ll help you problem-solve, understand what’s getting in your way, and find success as quickly as we can. We will meet weekly for 50-minute sessions, while also carving out another hour or so each week for homework practices. In between sessions, we can connect via communication apps or email, so you don’t have to wait for the support you need. You’ll borrow from the tools and resources I have developed over the past 20 years, while we work together to build your own - ones that last.

It is also where you will experience the fastest transformation in how you show up to your life and your work. Our goal is to build momentum together and support permanent shifts in your personal and professional life that help you reclaim the best version of yourself. We do this by recovering your intuition through self-awareness and self-regulation work, designed for your unique personality. Then, we work to increase your capacity and impact by building internal and external systems in alignment with your needs. 

Next Level Leaders Overview


Week Twelve

While some folks like to do their training in a 1:1 setting, others find that the group classes at the gym help them stay motivated, build confidence, and have a whole lot of fun. Group coaching is a powerful modality, as we often find healing by being in community with others. We aren’t meant to do our heavy work alone, and by joining this group coaching program you’ll get the best of my high-touch coaching experiences with the support of a like-minded community.  

This innovative 12-week coaching program is for folks who are ready to expand their influence, impact those around them, and experience radical, lasting growth. This hybrid group coaching program includes 1:1 coaching calls, group coaching, co-working sessions, a dynamic peer-based community and innovative curriculum designed to help you take your influence to the next level. 

They are the people making the work happen and supporting the strategic vision by giving their best.  They are team leads, program managers, operations or HR team members, executive assistants and our right hands. Regardless of their role, they all have one thing in common… they make an impact with their work and are ready to learn how to influence other people. They want to learn how to be leaders who inspire, empower, and care deeply about others.

Apply for the January 2025 cohort. Applications close December 1st. 

Payment plans available.

Group | $2500

Next Level Leaders Group Coaching Program

Who is a Next Level Leader? 

Your Ongoing Action Plan

This group program is pure magic and some of the best work I do each year, in large part because of the community that is created and how quickly the support up-levels our transformation. I am committed to folks walking away with all the love and support of a community experience, alongside all of the results-oriented transformation that happens in high-touch 1:1 environments. Because I give everything to each group, I only run this program one time a year and only make 10 seats available.

Week Nine

Self Esteem 

Week Ten

Creating a Leadership Ethic

Week Eleven

Influential Communications

Week Four

Self-Awareness and Self-Reflection

Week One

Welcome and Intention Setting

Week Two

Values and Non-Negotiables

Week Three

Integration Week / Co-Working

Week Eight

Integration Week / Co-Working 

Week Five

Self-Regulation and Stress Management 

Week Six

Integration Week / Co-Working 

Week Seven

Self-Management and Boundaries 

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