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Using the power of the Enneagram, identity transformation, and behavior change psychology, I help stressed out managers transform into next-level leaders. 

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Leaders deserve better tools.

More time. More energy. More capacity. More inspiration. 

And whether you've been leading teams for years or recently moved into management, most leaders aren't taught the tools they need to lead people well.

Instead, you're more likely to end up burned-out, exhausted, and facing retention issues. 

i have a better way.

When you step into a leadership role, your team needs more from you.

Hi, I'm Erin.

As high-performers, we've been taught endless work is the key to success. Stay later, work harder, shoulder the responsibility, be the example. 

The problem is, you won't become the next-level leader your team, your business and our world need if you continue to work the way you've been working. 

How else will things get done?

But it doesn't have to be that way.

I can teach you to become an effective, impactful leader by teaching you how to return to yourself using my proven framework honed through my 20 years of work with leaders like you, advanced training in behavioral psychology, and the most cutting-edge personality hacks every leader needs to motivate their teams, increase their energy and capacity, and avoid burnout.

...enneagram expert and transformational guide for leaders who are ready to up level their businesses, their teams, and ultimately their lives.

my story

Erin’s knowledge of my learned personality behaviors was invaluable. She could see things I couldn’t. Realizing my values improved my quality of life in the here and now. Something I previously did not think possible as a sleep deprived mother to toddlers, Director of Operations at a nonprofit, and partner to a frontline healthcare worker approaching year three of living through a pandemic. When the walls seemed to be closing in on me Erin offered me space. Room to grow. Room to want more for myself. Room to tell the truth. And she has done that by offering me strategies that are actually accessible in my current life circumstances.

Transformation starts here.

Let's get to work.

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The most accurate and expansive Enneagram assessment available to help you uncover your unique superpowers in business and life.

For the next-level leader who wants to move beyond burnout and create more capacity, quality work, and better team dynamics with ease.

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I take a limited number of 1:1 clients to help them shift and transform quickly using the Enneagram, identity transformation, and behavior change psychology.

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Practical resources and workshops to facilitate your next breakthrough for success, all at an accessible price point. New and improved resources added often!


Getting the Most from Your Team Starts with You.

Now, more than ever, we need leaders who can help take businesses into a new era, and that starts with understanding the tools and identity that make up a next-level leader.

This isn't old school leadership training.

My framework is unlike any other out there to give impact-driven leaders the support they need to become the leaders the world desperately needs.

next-level leader framework

Enneagram Typing Consultation

We have to know who we are and where we need to grow or shift to reclaim our energy and tackle stress blocks to get actual results. The Enneagram is a fantastic tool for leaders and their teams to show us why we do what we do and how to transform. 

Habit & Behavior Change Psychology

Our conditioned problem-solving patterns may have supported you in the past, but they won't take you to the next level. I guide you through behavior change stress coping techniques based on your conscious and subconscious values and motivators. 

Transformation is less about doing more, more, more, and instead, is about navigating a changing world with tools that allow you to show up as the confident, happy, and impactful leader your (and you!) need.

Identity Transformation

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A Stressed-Out Manager?

A Next-Level Leader?

+ Do you feel equipped to manage people-related challenges with heart?
+ Do you prioritize your well-being and the well-being of your team?
+ Do you effectively increase productivity and team achievement?
+ Do you build future leaders? 
+ Do you feel empowered, in touch with your purpose and know you are making an impact?

 - Do you feel like it would just be easier to do it all yourself?
- Do you struggle to speak up and use your voice in service of yourself and your team members? 
- Do you lack supportive mentorship and often struggle in silence?

Are you...


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