Living the Enneagram is all about…..

embodying what makes us distinctly who we are, both personally and professionally. We use the Enneagram model to create a map as a way to access our fullest selves, and these gifts strengthen our growth strategies and facilitate positive impacts to our businesses and culture.  

Ready to get wild?

We get clear on your perspective with the help of the Enneagram, as it illuminates what you need to recover and repair in life and work, to show up as your
fullest self. 

We get downright wild and learn to break a few conditioned rules as we connect to your purpose and tie it together with your financial and time-based goals.

get wild.

We work together to take actionable next steps that honor your perspective and your wildest self, all while uncovering which processes, marketing strategies and team resources you need to keep moving.

get moving.

get clear.

Hey-o! Erin here.

So glad you’ve found living the enneagram

Embodying the Enneagram has helped me navigate life’s wild terrain for over a decade. In this space, we celebrate all that makes us distinctly who we are, and integrate personal development as a cornerstone to professional development. When we center our whole selves in how we move through the world, we realize, and in turn, live into our fullest potential.  

Finding what is unique to you in how you work, your business strategy, or how you lead others is both a rewarding experience and an act of courage. By using the Enneagram as our guide, we rediscover our wildest selves by embodying and integrating all of who we already are. 

Reconnecting to our full, authentic selves and taking thoughtful next steps to conquer our own path is what we are all about here at Living the Enneagram. 

Let's get moving!

Our        is a birthright.


Erin works with Enneagram as a web of connection and potential. She introduces all of the hope and growth that you can't catch from a meme, and then teaches you how to apply it to yourself to move forward. What I have learned from Erin permeates into my work as an entrepreneur in both a creative and service position, and how my husband and I work together - in both our business and personal lives. A deeper understanding has made me a better friend, parent, and advocate for myself. This woman is a well spring about every single number! Both brilliant and gracious.

~ Sara, Type 2

Before working with Erin, I had a superficial understanding of the Enneagram and how it could help me. After spending time with Erin, I was able to not only deepen my understanding of this amazing tool, but start using it regularly. Erin has a unique and beautiful way of helping individuals see themselves and others better, while giving tools to apply to all aspects of our lives.

 ~Amy, Type 3 

My business partner and I used the Enneagram tools Erin gave us to advance our business in profound ways. Using the tools of the Enneagram (and understanding the other person's perspective and motivation) pulled us through what was a really tough year. We've subsequently used Erin’s tools for hiring, and our team is expanding in wonderful ways. I cannot recommend Erin's services more highly! 

~Gillian, Type 6

Erin guided me deep into my self-awareness and has given me tools around the successful application of being the highest version of myself. Erin is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and well equipped to give individuals a well-rounded understanding of the enneagram and its complexities! Thank you, Erin, for this exceptional life-changing experience, which has been an integral part of my growth!

~Hayley, Type 8

As a people manager, I was interested in learning how to better lead and support the different types on my team. What I learned during these sessions helped me relate better, give more tailored feedback, and improve the morale and culture of my team. I also took away valuable skills that have helped me better recognize where I am within my own type, how to leverage my strengths, and how to tap into my resources when needed. Erin is very clearly an expert in her field, but she does an incredible job translating the information into a digestible format that spurs conversation. I can’t recommend her enough.

~Cayley, Type 9

the enneagram model of


The Enneagram is a powerful tool for both spiritual and psychological development, giving us a model to actually live emotional intelligence, not just learn about it.

A symbol of a nine-pointed star within a circle, providing a framework for behavioral patterns of motivation, the Enneagram aligns to nine primary identities of personality. Giving language to our primary fixated patterns and the motivations behind these behaviors, we are able to access a broadened map of all that we are and move towards a full sense of self.   
Using the Enneagram, coupled with a background in behavior change and organizational development (as well as hundreds upon hundreds of years of information about the human experience), it can inform what we know and understand about how we intersect as business owners and professionals.  

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