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This constant demand is unsustainable and often results in us feeling like we are burnt out, or running on empty. Yet most of us aren't taught how to break away from the unhelpful ways we’ve learned to live and work, or how to build personal and business behaviors that are in alignment with our unique personalities.

more time. more energy. more capacity. more inspiration. more resilience. 

No matter your role or what you are trying to accomplish, the world is often asking for more from you.

… a Behavior + Business Strategist, Enneagram expert, and transformational guide, ready to help you find your way back from misalignment and, ultimately, redesign how you live and work.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and managers recover their intuition and increase their capacity using the power of their own personality. Using my proven framework, honed by 20 years of working in and studying leadership behavior, leadership development, personality psychology and operational excellence, I can guide you towards reclaiming the best version of yourself.

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Now more than ever, we need individuals who know how to be their best selves - so they can bring out the best in our communities, businesses, teams, and families. This version of you starts with a deep understanding of self, along with the habit-changing tools needed to realize your fullest potential.  

Reclaiming Your Best Self Starts With You.

Being aligned and increasing your capacity is less about doing more, more, more, and instead, is more about navigating a changing world rooted in your best self as the foundation for how you live and work. Being your best self is an act of self-love and is the embodiment of your own worth - it is the person you, your community, and the world needs most. 

Self-Esteem and Self-Actualization

The way we’ve learned to problem-solve is unique to our personality. While those old problem-solving habits may have supported you in the past, they don’t often take us to the next level of our growth and transformation. We must learn how to regulate our own unique agitators (our internal world) and create systems (our external world) that serve how we want to show up for our lives. 

Self-Regulation and Self-Management

We have to know who we are and where we need to grow in order to increase our capacity. Knowing your Enneagram Type acts as the thread we weave through your transformation, because knowing your personality allows you to break free from what is holding you back. I use personality psychology to unlock why we do what we do, all based on your conscious and subconscious values and motivators.

Self-Awareness and

Reclaiming Your Best Self Framework

Kenzie | Type Three | Founder and Owner | Able Transition Consulting

Kenzie | Type Three Founder and Owner
Able Transition Consulting

Client Love

Erin is like the best friend from high school that I have not seen in years. She understands your story even before I do. This makes working with her very comfortable. She challenged me when needed and pushed me to understand myself better. My vision of how I work and why is much clearer after working with Erin. Erin will help you change your life for the better!.

Jennifer, Type Three

I am finally putting my needs first without apologizing for saying no. I have let go of the past and I am excited about the future. I am able to have honest, authentic conversations even when fear used to dictate my choice of words. I no longer worry about how anyone will perceive or react to the way I spend my time and energy. Really the list could go on and on!

Donna, Type Three

Your best self breaks free right here.

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This is the most accurate and holistic Enneagram assessment available to help you or your team gain clarity and break through what is getting in the way of your best self, both in life and in work.

This isn’t your typical coaching, this is training… to be your best self.  Coaching and mentoring individuals, partners, teams and groups is my calling. The only prerequisite to doing this high-touch and impactful work is that you are ready to give it your all.

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I have led and guided thousands of team seminars, trainings, workshops, and keynote presentations. I use the power of personality to help create effective and productive team dynamics rooted in a culture of kindness and collaboration.


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