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An 8-week coaching program for high-achievers who are ready to expand their influence, impact their teams, and experience more success with ease. 

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Live Program  |  march 13 - May 4

People Don't Leave Jobs,

Which means your team members are asking a lot from you... 

And I know that feels heavy, because you have enough on your plate as it is. 

Your team members want more than just transactional benefits in a career... They are looking for leaders who inspire, empower, and care deeply about them.

Which means your team members are asking a lot from you... 

They Leave Their Managers.

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How would your life change if...

Your team's performance didn't leave you with a constant headache or frustration

Success at your level felt easeful

You ended each day feeling energized instead of exhausted

Are You A Stressed-Out Manager?

Are you frustrated your team seems as burned out as you pretend not to be?

Have you read all the leadership books, but you're still fumbling when it comes time to give difficult feedback?

Do you keep losing team members or struggle to hire new people? 

Do you know you need to do something different, but you aren't sure if you should fire everyone, hire someone new, or pack a bag and fly off to a private beach for a month or two and hope it sorts itself out...

Are you burning the candle at both ends to keep up with the demands? 

And as much as I think a vacation would do you good, it won't solve your team dynamics or stress-level...

 ...but 8 weeks with me will. 

And Here's Why...

And I don't mean they don't know how to be motivational, think critically, hack productivity, or have conversations that inspire their team to take action... 

No, no. 

Most leaders aren't taught to resource themselves during times when everything depends on them to be at their best, and instead of creating next-level leaders who are making the impact they desire in their careers or in the world, we're settling for stressed-out managers. 

You deserve better and so does your team.

Leaders aren't taught how to lead.

Hi, I'm Erin.

No one is equipping leaders to lead.

We read books about focus tricks, strategic planning, retention, and work our way to the top and then we work our way to burn-out. 

Most of us thought it would eventually get easier, but with more success and responsibility comes more headache, tension, and team management doesn't feel like leadership.

Leaders need just as much support as their teams do, and that starts with breaking the model that's been set before us. 

As an Enneagram expert, leadership coach, and behaviorist who's spent more than 20 years in director positions and in support of leaders, I discovered something...

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Let's Make Your Next Up Level Feel Easeful.

Enjoy More Success Without More Work.

Ditch the Constant Stress and Work Worry.

Feel Energized and Vibrant.

Keep Your Team Engaged.

the Next-Level
Leaders Coaching Program:

The industry's most advanced training and coaching to prepare you to get result from your team and take your leadership skills to the next level with ease.

It's time to stop managing and start leading.

Here's how it works:

Next-Level Leaders is a hybrid program that includes 1-on-1 and group coaching calls as well as a proven curriculum to support you in real time as you up-level as a leader.


● 8 weeks of live coaching, calls will be recorded for lifetime access 
● Calls take place on Mondays 8pm – 9:30pm EST in a Group Coaching Call format
● Optional Office Hours on Thursdays 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST
● Individuals will receive two 1:1, 30 minute coaching sessions with Erin, to use anytime during the 8 week program 
● Lifetime access of all call recordings, homework and resources
● Engaged community of fellow high-achievers to mastermind and learn alongside 

Currently enrolling 8 seats for the March cohort.
Payment plans are available.



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Next-Level Leaders Coaching Program gives leaders like you access to a proven framework based on my work with the Enneagram, behavior and habit psychology, and identity transformation. Combined with a community of fellow high-performing leaders, and live-coaching, you'll be able to put you new skills to use quickly and efficiently...

It's Worked for My Clients, And It Will Work For You

A Stressed-Out Manager?

A Next-Level Leader?

+ Do you feel equipped to manage people-related challenges with heart?
+ Do you prioritize your well-being and the well-being of your team?
+ Do you effectively increase productivity and team achievement?
+ Do you build future leaders? 
+ Do you feel empowered, in touch with your purpose and know you are making an impact?

 - Do you feel like it would just be easier to do it all yourself?
- Do you struggle to speak up and use your voice in service of yourself and your team members? 
- Do you lack supportive mentorship and often struggle in silence?

Are you...


● Executives and Managers who are leading a team 
● Entrepreneurs, Business Owners or Team Leads who regularly influence other's decisions 
● High-achievers who are willing to do the right work now 
● Individuals who are passionate about personal development 

This is for...

● Managers who don't want to take radical responsibility for their actions 
● People who like to consume content but not put it into practice 
● Managers who are uncomfortable talking about cultural influences
● People who are looking for a quick band-aid fix for their team dynamics

This is not for...

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