We will uncover all of these aspects of your identity during the one-hour Typing Consultation:

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Primary Type

Dominant Wing

Movement within the model as we utilize high and low side behaviors of other types

Dominant Subtype

Instinctual patterns of security and problem-solving

What To Expect

During this one-hour virtual consultation, I will take you through a series of questions identifying patterns of behavior aligning to the motivations of each Enneagram Type. All interviews are followed up with a tailored resource to explore your primary type, instinct, subtype, wings, movements, as well as your approach to emotional intelligence, all through your unique lens of the world.

Want this experience for your team or group?


Each team member gets the same high-touch experience with the Enneagram Typing Consultation, as well as tailored resources for each individual to begin exploring how to use this new information.  
Following the completion of the team Typing Consultations, the team leader or business owner will get a personalized development plan for each individual, so you know how to communicate, coach, and support each person in a way that serves them best.  

With this process, you’ll be able to hit fast-forward on implementing the personal and professional development resources your people need right now. 

Join the thousands of folks who have moved through this typing process and unlock the self-awareness needed to bring our best selves into how we live and work.