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reclaiming your best self starts with you

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Support for high-impact individuals who are ready to increase their capacity, recover their intuition, and experience more success with greater ease.

they burn out.

You deserve to work and live in a way that’s designed to fit your unique personality....which means you have to take the time to explore what it is you actually need.

I know it can feel heavy to add this work, when you already have a lot on your plate. 

Yet I've seen folks just like you make the time to accomplish their goals, and do so with compassion for themselves and those around them.

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Are you burnt out?

Do you keep losing steam or struggle to manage all of your work and life demands?

Are you frustrated that you have to keep pushing past your capacity?

Do you know you need to do something different, but feel like you just want to give up?

People Don't Just Lose Steam.

Is it a challenge to ask for or receive help?

Do you feel overwhelmed, alone with your problems, and hungry for support?

Though giving up feels easier now, it won't solve your problems in the long-term...

 ...but working with me will.

Hi, I'm Erin.

A Behavior + Business Strategist, Enneagram expert, and transformational guide . While working in leadership development and operational excellence for more that 20 years, I discovered something…

No one equips us to utilize the power of personality as a foundation for how we live and work.

We read books about focus tricks, strategic planning, retention, and working our way to the top... and then we work our way right to burn out.

Most of us thought it would eventually get easier, but with more success and responsibility comes more headache and tension. With his level of stress, life and work no longer feel fulfilling.

Now more than ever, we need individuals who know how to be their best selves - so they can bring out the best in our communities, businesses, teams, and families. 

And that starts with breaking the model that's been set before us.

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the only path to a changed world is by first changing our internal world.

We aren’t taught how to live or work in a way that truly works for us.

I don't mean we don't know how to  think critically, be productive, or have conversations that inspire others to take action.

What I mean is we aren't taught to resource ourselves during times when everything depends on us to be at our best. Instead of accessing our best selves and making the impact we desire in our careers or in the world, we're settling for simply surviving.

You deserve better.

How would your life change if you could...

Recover Your Intuition and Restore Your Capacity.

Enjoy More Success Without Extra Work.

Ditch the Constant Stress and Worry.

Feel Energized and Vibrant.

Keep Yourself and Others Engaged.

My framework, built over 20 years of working in and studying behavior change, leadership development, personality psychology and operational excellence, is the most advanced training and coaching to prepare you to achieve your goals and up-level with ease.

it's time to stop surviving and start thriving.

Reclaim your best self.

Coaching includes:

  • Enneagram Type Assessment
  • Identification and Operationalization of Personal Values
  • Exploration of Subconscious Habits
  • Behavior Change Support
  • Self-Awareness, Self- Regulation and Self-Management Techniques
  • Embodying Self Care and Self-Love Practices
  • Integration of New Skills
  • Operational Excellence and System Improvements

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  1. ESTABLISH where you are and find clarity.
  2. ADDRESS the gap and discover where you would like to be.
  3. CREATE systems and habits that work for you.
  4. PRACTICE recovering from life's challenges in real time. 
  5. DEVELOP strategies to grow and scale at your pace. 
  6. EVOLVE into your best self and make an impact on others.


Leslie | Type Three | Adventure and Travel Photographer

It's Worked for My Clients, And It Will Work For You

Your best self starts here…
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I believe we cannot build with others, our relationships or our communities, that which we have not developed within ourselves.