I believe...

• you already have everything you need to be wildly successful in creating the business and life you are after.

• conditioning, habits and patterns of behavior, and the systems we work within can get us stuck in a loop.

• we can forget how to listen to our whole selves.

• successful business strategy embodies all that we are, in collaboration with outward strategies, like sales, relationships, marketing, and operational systems.

authentic,           and integrated business strategy also aligns with an embodied sense of self, and accepting the              of who we are.



As a Montana-born girl (and a lover of all things natural, raw and beautiful), I like to think of life as our own unique journey of ascension. The mountains ground me, because they remind me that life is both extraordinarily beautiful and is also made up of small, steady, and purposeful steps forward. On our journeys, sometimes we need to rest. Sometimes we need to revel in the beauty around us. Sometimes we are energetic and get down to business moving forward. Sometimes we are just able to focus on the next step we have to take. 

It all matters. It’s all necessary And we need all parts of our journey to find our way.

I believe the Enneagram acts as a guide for each of us on our trek through life, and it can help create a map where we get to choose what serves us best in any given moment. Think of me like your very own cartographer – helping you curate a map of this portion of your wild and wonderful journey.

For almost a decade, I traveled close to 200 days a year supporting the rapid growth of an innovative and female-focused business. I traded one corporate grind for another, and found myself building and then leading three major divisions of a growing health system; again stretching my capacities and my own internal resources in an entirely new way. 

I experienced it all…..

+ the loss of self for productivity.
+ the emptying of personal resources for the good of the team.
+ the never-ending hustle.
+ the constant stress.
+ the demand to work beyond my capacity.
+ the bone-deep emotional and physical fatigue.

And I also gained...

+ the pride of accomplishment.
+ the commitment to a greater good.
+ the feelings of being valued and needed.
+ the deep admiration and connection of a work community.

I have lived,                  , the corporate grind. 

and survived

However, when we find we’ve run out of fuel to keep us taking that next step, we often move into
This grind, without resourcing in how we recover and repair, clouds our beliefs and keeps us rooted in binary experiences - the either/or of work life. You’ve heard of work-life balance, right? What if I told you this is a product of these binary work beliefs - it’s work on one side and life on the other, never both.  

survival mode.

I’m here to help you navigate a new, integrated way forward.
A way where we can have pride of accomplishment, be committed to our team and the greater good, feel a sense of purpose and desire to make a difference, while also valuing our whole selves and well-being. There is enough capacity, time, resources and ability to show up as fully you. 

12 Week Business Strategy Program |  $2,950

my offerings

Weekly one-hour strategy calls.
Access to real-time connection between calls for reflection, problem-solving and integration.
Deep dive into your perspective through the lens of the Enneagram, develop strategies for recovery and repair, understand your purpose, financial and time-based goals, and implement marketing and talent-based resources for on-going implementation.

Whether you have an idea you need to get off the ground or wanting to reinvigorate your current strategy, this program is for you. Throughout the program, you’ll:

12 Week Leadership Development Program  |  $2,950

Weekly one-hour strategy calls.
Access to real-time connection between calls for reflection, problem-solving and integration.
Unpack your perspective through the lens of the Enneagram, strategies for how you recover and repair, your purpose and how it relates to your communication patterns and pitfalls within a team context. 

This program is perfect for the business owner, manager, or team lead looking to get clear about what it takes to show up authentically for others and to learn how to live and embody emotional intelligence in wild and impactful ways. 

24 Week Team Development Program  |  $6,500

Weekly one-hour strategy calls.
Access to real-time connection between calls for reflection, problem-solving and integration.
12 Week Leadership Development Program
Remaining 12 Weeks includes:

This program is for the business owner, manager, or team lead who is ready to do their own growth work and then integrate all you’ve experienced in your team environment as a way to create lasting and meaningful change. 

Annual Strategic Plan Development  |  $1,950

Two separate three-hour planning sessions.
Access to real-time connection between planning calls for problem-solving and support.
Templates, homework and strategic planning guides to help get clear and prioritize.  
Quarterly check-in calls to evolve and adapt your business strategy to your changing business needs. 

If you want support getting clear and organizational regarding your business priorities and how to align productivity with personal well-being, we’ll create a 12-month framework together. With this offering, you’ll get:

Team Communication Strategy Sessions, Speaking, Keynotes, Events & Partnerships

Contact me to figure out how we serve your team or organization in the wild and wonderful ways you need. 

          Individual Team Enneagram Typing interviews (billed separately)
          Development plan and review for each team member, following typing interviews.
          Full-team Communication Strategy Session
          30, 45, and 60-day follow-up integration activities with team
          Weekly ongoing support for you to integrate team needs into behavior change
          On-going integration action plan.

let's do it!

It takes breaking away from traditional views and getting downright        .    .  


Ready to break the old rules and connect to your way forward?