The Enneagram model is a symbol of a nine-pointed star within a circle, which provides a framework for behavioral patterns of motivation that align to nine primary identities and twenty seven distinct subtypes of Enneagram personality. The model gives language to our primary fixated Enneagram Type and the motivations behind our habits of how we think, feel and behave. With this clarity, we are able to access our own broadened map of all that we are and move towards a broader, more full sense of self.    

There are a lot of explanations for what the Enneagram, which means “drawing of nine”, is and where it has come from, some of which have gotten more diluted or fabricated as the model has grown in popularity. The Enneagram as we know it today is not this ancient tool illuminating our pathways to growth. It is, however, founded in spiritual practices that find truth and continuity in a wide variety of spiritual teachings throughout history, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism and even Greek philosophy.  

The Enneagram we know and use today was developed as a practice and way of being through the teachings of George Gurdjieff, and carried into modern teachings by Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo. The Enneagram continues to evolve and shift as those who teach it, experience it. It’s a fluid system, not meant to be a rigid set of static beliefs about the human experience. When we use the Enneagram to ground down, and into our type, we negate the complexities of our human spirit. I am passionate about what makes each of us uniquely ourselves, and how the Enneagram can support and serve each of our needs. 

I am committed to doing this work differently, because when we fully live the Enneagram, we find our way out of the box we are in and closer to

 having the freedom to be exactly who we were meant to be. 

• A primary type
• A dominant wing
• A dominant subtype
• Instinctual patterns of security and problem-solving
• Movement within the model as we utilize high and low side behaviors of other types

Our Enneagram Type is connected to more than a singular “box”. We identify with all of these aspects of self:

Our work within the Enneagram is to become a resourced version of more than just our fixated type, essentially discovering our full self and the map we will journey to know and use it all.  

The Enneagram gives us a way to discover our inherent potential and then use its tools to harness that potential out of conscious choice. Other tools available to you as a part of the Enneagram model include:

• the laws, centers and energies within the Enneagram 
• emotional and social intelligence 
• patterns of communication and connection 
• active listening, conflict management and problem-solving

Because the Enneagram connects us to our full and integrated self, the work you do goes with you in every role, relationship, space and practice. You’ll find Enneagram work useful with family, friends and at work - from therapy, to how you listen to your body, from the boardroom to the bedroom, and everywhere in between. Join us in living the Enneagram and celebrating and supporting all of who you are. 

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